Updated 05:11 PM EDT, Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Ninel Conde's Boyfriend Giovanni Medina Allegedly Accuses Her of Having Abortion

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Just a few weeks ago, the conversation that surrounded Ninel Conde was about whether or not she was pregnant.

Now, sources are reporting that she is indeed pregnant, and that her boyfriend, Giovanni Medina, is accusing her of having an abortion eight weeks into the pregnancy.

TV Y Novelas Mexico reportedly received a mysterious phone call recently from an unidentified source that said, "I want to unmask this woman who is always seen as a victim. This is why I am doing this."

The source added that, as of March 24, which is around the time Medina wouldn't confirm or deny being pregnant, she went to gynecologist seeking an abortion.

"She made this decision because she says that this is not the time to have a child," the source said. "That she has too much success in her career, and that she knows what makes her money is her image. Plus, she has invested a lot to get her body to look that way. This decision was not well received by George Medina, her boyfriend and the baby's father..."

TV Y Novelas speculated about the authenticity of the source, but they were also told about a recording of the two where Medina confronts her. In the recording, Medina allegedly says that he would have forgiven her for anything, but that he cannot forgive her for killing his child.

Neither has spoken out about the allegation so far. As a matter of fact, Medina took to Twitter to congratulate Conde on April 2, which would be more than a week after she would have terminated the pregnancy.

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