Updated 05:40 AM EDT, Tue, Apr 20, 2021

First Trailer of Maite Perroni's 'La Gata' Released [Video]

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Slowly, more details are being revealed about Maite Perroni's next starring role.

The Mexican actress and singer will be in "La Gata," which just released a new trailer, Rumbo reports. In the new trailer, Perroni carries a black cat, and both she and the cat look in the same directions and mimic one another's actions. That's because even though, as the narrator says, her name is Esmeralda, she goes by "la Gata (the cat)."

The narrator also says, "She is tender and wild, innocent and a warrior."

The trailer doesn't provide many details, other than saying that the show will soon be released; it was previously reported that it the should would premiere out in May.

Perroni announced the release of the trailer on her Twitter account, saying that she felt excited.

Recently, the production faced a problem while filming near Xochiaca that made it impossible to continue shooting.

Perroni has been on set since February; the first images of the show were shared in March. She seems to sport less makeup and look a bit dirty in the recently released trailer, which is probably due to the fact that her character lives near a dumpster.

"La Gata" is a remake of a 1987 telenovela about a woman who goes from rags to riches after attempting to steal from a mansion. The Facebook page explains her transformation, but it doesn't show the kinds of struggles it will take to get her from one period of her life to another.

The show is being produced by Nathalie Lartilleux and will also star Anic Moss, Jorge Poza and Laura Zapata.

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