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WWE Raw Preview, Spoilers for April 7: Rob Van Dam, Brock Lesnar Could Appear Following Wrestlemania 30

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Wrestlemania 30 is in the books and the biggest surprise of the night came from Brock Lesnar, who demanded to make history at Wrestlemania after his initial match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was shelved by Triple H.

Lesnar got his wish to make history, after Paul Heyman got his client an open Wrestlemania contract that ended up pitting "The Beast" against The Undertaker's 21-0 Wrestlemania streak. Lesnar silenced the New Orleans crowd doing what no other man could do in Wrestlemania history, including King Kong Bundy, Jake "the Snake" Roberts, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, CM Punk or Shawn Michaels: he pinned the Undertaker in the "Showcases of the Immortals". What's next for "The Beast", coming off his fulfilled promise of making history at Wrestlemania?

The Shield proved Sunday night what a potent team they can be, taking care of business against the WWE Director of Operations Kane and his assistants, the Corporate New Age Outlaws. There proved to be no signs of dissension within the "Hounds of Justice," who ran roughshod through the veterans Sunday night, including a Triple Power-Bomb on both "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and "Road Dogg" Jesse James at the same time. What's next for The Shield and will Kane try to get back at United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns?

While The Shield overcame their chemistry issues, things seemed to boil over for the Real Americans. Jack Swagger and Cesaro came close to beating the WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos, in their Elimination Fatal Four-way Tag Team match but the siblings raised their game on "The Grandest Stage of Them All" and retained their titles. Cesaro and Swagger wound up bickering after the match, and nothing Zeb Colter could say would stop Cesaro from putting Swagger in the Cesaro Swing after the bout ended. But Cesaro's night was not over, having entered his name into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and pulling a feat of strength that would have impressed the Hall of Famer himself, scooping up the Big Show over his shoulders and tossing him over the top rope to win the battle royal. Cesaro will be in a celebratory mood on Monday but will Jack Swagger rain on Cesaro's Wrestlemania parade?

Plus, new reports are surfacing that Rob Van Dam could be returning to Monday's special Raw. Van Dam, a former WWE and ECW world champion, hasn't been seen since September. Will the extreme icon make his presence felt the night after Wrestlemania?

Bray Wyatt's mind games on John Cena clealy had an effect on him, bringing out an aggression not seen in the former champion's career. But at the end of the night, Cena, despite a desire to bash Wyatt's skull in with a steel chair, kept true to his beliefs, tossing the chair aside and pinning the clan leader after an Attitude Adjustment that ended Wyatt's night. But the Wyatt Family is persistent, if anything, and will likely look to mess with Cena's head some more.

Daniel Bryan finally accomplished his dreams, not only defeating WWE COO Triple H but defying the odds and beating Royal Rumble winner Batista and former champion Randy Orton to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan's Road to Wrestlemania was tumultuous, with Triple H injuring Bryan's shoulder weeks prior to their match, and then smashing a chair over his injured arm in bitterness after losing to Bryan Sunday night. Bryan overcame the odds to, celebrating not one, but two Wrestlemania Moments in New Orleans. But Bryan is about to learn that there is no resting on your laurels when you are champion, with new bearded-face of the WWE having to go right to work this Monday. What will The Authority do now that they no longer have control of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and will "The Viper" strike back after losing his title?

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