Updated 11:35 AM EDT, Mon, Jul 13, 2020

Elizabeth Gutiérrez Shares Birthday Pictures, But William Levy Is Nowhere to Be Seen [Photos]

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If Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy are in fact broken up, they haven't done much to dispel rumors.

The Mexican actress celebrated her 35th birthday on Tuesday, and she has been sharing images of the festivities for the past few days. Levy, however, is noticeably absent in the pictures.

The first image came on March 30, where she and a friend posed with a cake. The two, who were both celebrating together, had their names on the cake, and they had a bit of frosting on their faces.

She said, "Happy birthday to us! The party continues, and the birthday hasn't even arrived!!"

Gutiérrez was wearing the season's hottest trend: overalls. They are very much visible in a picture she later shared on Instagram, where her children are sleeping on her.

"...and at the end of the day this is all that matters!!!" she captioned the second image.

The pictures that she posted on her actual birthday featured her, her friends and her children on a boat. She and her friends posed in bikinis for selfies, and Gutiérrez shared her excitement over the day's events.

"What a beautiful day!!" she said. "Couldn't have been better!!!"

She changed it up a little and shared a video of she and her friends jumping off the boat into the ocean. The short clip was slowed down, and Gutiérrez was able to cross an item off her bucket list. And the last image she shared was of her children with a man in the image, but he was also not William Levy.

"Uncle Willy with my loves!!" she explained.

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