Updated 01:35 AM EDT, Wed, Oct 20, 2021

Evangelina Sosa Among 515 Arrested for Drunk Driving in Mexico

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Actress Evangelina Sosa, 45, was arrested after failing a sobriety test in Mexico City, Mexico.

Perhaps the most notable thing is that she was one of 515 people who failed the test. She was caught on the seventh point, which is under the jurisdiction of Benito Juárez, according to TV Notas.

There was an increase in arrests this past weekend because there was a music festival and other events, which meant an increase in people drinking. The checkpoints were placed throughout the city to keep fatal accidents from happening. She landed in the "El Torito," which is a jail in Mexico City where those who are inebriated are placed.

She had .54 percent liquor in her body when she was stopped, which is enough to have to appear before a civic judge. She was cooperative with the police officers, but she did try to bribe them with autographs to avoid going to jail.

She also explained to the officers that she was exclusive artist for TV Azteca, and that in 2009 she won a prize for the film "Mi Niña."

Another person who was arrested was an underaged boy on the 24th point. The 16-year-old boy took his parent's car without proper permission. The teen's mother told the judge that her son had only asked to use the car to go to the movies, and apologized for his actions. She then decided to dole out her own form of punishment. She asked the judge if she could spank her son in front of everyone so that he wouldn't make the same mistake again.

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