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'Lo Que La Vida Me Robó' Spoilers: Dimitro Loses the Love of His Life, María Pines for Alejandro & Víctor Is in Danger

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Check in on 103 to 107 here to catch up, but here are the important moments from episodes 108 to 111:

Episode 108: After José Luís spends his time with Angélica showing his love, he is devastated to find out that she has died. Rosario is taken by Pedro's men to be questioned by him over the acts that have condemned him to 30 years in prison. Dimitrio is disheartened that he has lost Josefina, as he finally realizes that she is the love of his life. Pedro realizes that someone has entered his office to try to steal from his safe, and he suspects it was Nadia.

Episode 109: During Angélica's wake, Graciela shows up with her family and decides to threaten Alejandro for having taken away the inheritance her father left her. She is confident that it was her money. Alejandro and Montserrat were enjoying an afternoon in Aguazul when Alejandro asks that she cut José Luís from their lives. Graciela surprises José Luís by showing up at his house. She proposes that Montserrat stays with him always, for a price.

Episode 110: Ezequiel waits in Pedro's office in an attempt to kill him, but in the meantime, he looks through footage from the cameras in Nadia's room. He hears when she confesses to Victor that her husband had an accident and was mutilated. María continues her obsession with Alejandro, and assures herself that one day she will be who he loves. Dominga is interrogated by the police over Benjamín's real family, and she admits that she only knows that Graciela was his lover for many years.

Episode 111: Now that Pedro knows that Nadia is expecting Víctor's child, she tells him that Víctor will pay. Ezequiel is tasked by Pedro with making Víctor disappear. But Víctor is not worried. He's ready with the necessary documents to move to Guatemala with Nadia.

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