Updated 08:56 PM EST, Wed, Dec 08, 2021

'Scandal' Season 3 Episode 16 Spoilers: What Will Happen When Abby Steps in as Olivia's Proxy [Video]

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The plot will continue to thicken on ABC's hit political drama "Scandal" in an all-new episode where Jake will try to break down Olivia's hotel room door and all things will run amok at the White House in her absence.

Last week, the First Children turned the White House on its head during their visit home and first debut on the show. When the teens, Jerry and Karen Grant, arrived at the White House they were immediately prepped for a big family interview. However, through an investigation it was discovered that Jerry is running an anti-Fitz Twitter account and recently purchased a Reston T-shirt. Karen also showed resentment towards her cheating father and questioned why her mother stays with him. Olivia also found out more information about B613 and who is funding it, reports Fox News.

In the upcoming episode, "The Fluffer," Olivia will have a breakdown as things begin to cave in.

According to CarterMatt, the official synopsis is as follows: "Abby steps in as Olivia's proxy and takes on duties at the White House. Meanwhile, the team continues to investigate B613, and someone throws a wrench in Reston's presidential campaign."

TVLine dropped a few hints about what to expect concerning Harrison and Quinn's storylines, revealing that Huck may be "done" with Quinn, but he's not finished with her. The B613 Jedi and his padawan will also face off again and the situtation will get intense.

"Scandal" will return with S3E16, "The Fluffer," on Thursday, April 3 on ABC.

Watch a promo clip below.

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