Updated 05:21 AM EST, Sun, Dec 05, 2021

Niurka Marcos on Ninel Conde: She's More Silicone Than Talent

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It seems someone is still not a fan of Ninel Conde.

Niurka Marcos has taken to insulting the singer once again, and this time she is insulting her talent, according to TV Notas.

"I think that she's not an artist," started Marcos. "She doesn't understand that her success is based off the media. She is full of insecurities and complexes. She is a fusion of limited talent and a sack of silicone."

In November, Conde spoke out about the comments Marcos made about her regarding the show "Perfume de Gardenia."

"I heard some statements, and the only thing I can say is that it's a lie," Conde said. "I've never treated anyone badly... I don't know where they get these things, but in the end, to each his/her own."

Marcos said that unlike Conde, she is someone who has no insecurities. She is, after all, this month's cover girl for Playboy Mexico.

The Cuban singer is not shy about voicing her opinions and has also spoken out against Alicia Machado, Lucia Mendez and William Levy. Many of the comments seem to be her asserting that people are not talented enough, while saying that she is the opposite.

A few years ago, she also insulted Conde by saying that she cannot dance. In the interview, she even turned to the camera and said, "Do you dance?" In another interview, which was aired as part of the same news segment, she also said that she's speaking from a logical place. If Conde doesn't dance, she should practice and she'll be able to achieve it.

But she seems to at least be self aware, to some degree.

"I live off [my enemies]," she said. "And I charge them dearly."

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