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Get the Scoop on Maite Perroni's Return to TV in May on 'La Gata'

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Maite Perroni has been filming her new telenovela "La Gata" since February, and audiences don't have to wait too much longer to see her in action.

The telenovela, which also stars Jorge Poza and Laura Zapata, will air on May 5 at 4:15 p.m. It is a remake of a 1987 Venezuelan show titled "Rosa Salvaje," according to Star Media.

This melodrama is being produced by Nathalie Lartilleux near Xochiaca in Mexico. The first images of the show were revealed earlier in the month, and they feature Perroni in a somewhat dressed down look. Her face looks more natural, which maybe is to show that she's younger and will grow up throughout the series. She is pictured with Anic Moss, notes TV Notas.

The pictures started to pop up on Twitter.

Lartilleux says filming in a dumpster has proven to be difficult, but that everyone, especially Perroni, have been super cooperative.

"She loved it," said Lartilleux. "As she has already filmed 'Cuidado Con El ángel' with me, and for that show, we also went to the center. We recorded everywhere because the locations are what make it feel real."

In the 1987 telenovela, the main character, Rosa, is described as fresh and a little rough around the edges. She lives in a poor neighborhood with her godmother. One day, she enters an elegant mansion with the intention of stealing, but is surprised to find the owner.

He treats her kindly, and she falls in love with him. He marries her, and she has many embarrassing moments trying to get accustomed to this new life.

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