Updated 08:50 PM EST, Fri, Mar 05, 2021

Ninel Conde Pregnant? Singer Doesn't Confirm or Deny Pregnancy Rumors

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Last we heard Ninel Conde was nine weeks pregnant, and when she was on the show "Hoy," she only joked about the rumor.

Conde would not give a definitive yes or no, and spent more time talking about her beau, Giovanni Medina. At the beginning of the show, Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta jokingly asked Conde, who was dressed in black, where her baby bump was and if it had instead shown up on her backside, reported People en Español.

She only responded by laughing.

Juan José then tried the honest approach and just bluntly asked if she was pregnant.

She responded with a question, "They've made me pregnant how many times this year, Pepillo? And you're one of them! Not so long ago, it was supposed to be twins..."

It seems no matter what the hosts tried, Conde expertly deflected the question. The three-hour program continued down this path. There were lots of jokes and laughs, with the actress and singer never giving an answer about being pregnant.

A Mexican publication cites one of Conde's friend as confirmation of her pregnancy, but her publicist has not spoken out about it yet. One theory is that she is waiting for the three-month mark to confirm her news.

Televisa reported that she is very happy about the pregnancy news because she's always wanted to give Medina a child. They have even allegedly planned for the baby to be born in Houston, Texas.

Her appearance on "Hoy" is only fueling the rumor as she didn't exactly deny the pregnancy. At the end of 2013, there was a rumor that she was having twins, but she stopped the story from growing with her denial.

"No, I'm not pregnant," she said. "Obviously, it's a beautiful blessing, and if the time comes, I'll tell you. But no, these are rumors once again, and don't worry my business associates, do not worry, because I am not pregnant."

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