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WWE Raw Preview, Spoilers for Mar. 24, 2014: Daniel Bryan Deals With Triple H, Batista, & Randy Orton With Wrestlemania 30 Two Weeks Away

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While Scooby Doo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and True Blood's Joe Manganiello will keep things light-hearted for the WWE Universe as invited guests for tonight's Monday Night Raw, and the announcement of former Kliq and nWo member Scott Hall being named the latest inductee into WWE Hall of Fame putting everyone in a celebratory mood, tensions will be running high with Wrestlemania 30 quickly approaching less than two weeks away.

Whatever issues were maligning The Shield seem gone at the moment, with the team on the same page regarding their disdain for WWE Director of Operations Kane. The trio turned on Corporate Kane, tired of following his orders, who paid them back by blowing their chances of getting a title a shot against the WWE Tag Team Champions after siccing the New Age Outlaws on "The Hounds of Justice". Kane and the Outlaws mauled The Shield, with the help from the Real Americans and the team if Ryback, and Curtis Axel, using the "number's game" to take out The Shield. Will The Shield look to gain revenge against The Authority's enforcer and the former six-time World Tag Team Champions, or will Kane have the last laugh?

Meanwhile, The Usos, who worked to hard to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions, are learning that life at the top of the mountain is not easy, especially when The Real Americans as well as the team of Ryback and Curtis Axel are gunning for the belts around the sibling's waists. Both teams seem to be on the verge of being rewarded by The Authority after helping Kane with The Shield on Friday Night Smackdown. How will the young champion siblings react to the multiple challengers aiming for the championship?

Paul Heyman has been taking a lot of verbal shots at The Undertaker since returning to the WWE to defend his undefeated 21-0 Wrestlemania streak. Heyman may want to be careful on Monday, with "The Phenom" returning to Raw to see his latest Wrestlemania challenger, Brock Lesnar, eye-to-eye. The Undertaker will have to deal with an angry Lesnar, still fuming after The Undertaker stabbed him in the hand with a pen. Does The Undertaker have another message for "The Beast" or will Lesnar unleash his fury at his Wrestlemania foe?

WWE COO Triple H has made it clear to the WWE Universe last week that he will stop at nothing to destroy the "YES! Movement," even if he has to cripple Daniel Bryan, which he attempted to do last week on Raw, working with his wife Stephanie McMahon in setting up Bryan, making sure the upstart was handcuffed and helpless as he was laid out with a chair. Bryan, who is still hurting after the attack last week, has not only "the King of Kings" looking to finish the job, but also Batista and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton lurking in the shadows looking to pounce on the fallen superstar. What will Bryan do to hold off "The Viper", "The Animal" and "the Game" as they all look to prey on a fallen opponent with an injured shoulder?

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