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Jeremy Lin News: Is Lin Better Than James Harden?

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There's no doubt that Jeremy Lin is currently having an up-and-down season. Statistically, the 2013-14 season is a disappointment for the former Harvard hotshot, who averaged two points less than he did in his first season with the Houston Rockets.

But despite the decline in his production, Lin remains a glaring example that basketball goes beyond individual skills. Tabbed as the playmaker of the team, Lin managed to keep everybody involved first before looking for his own shots. He is playing the true essence of basketball—teamwork.

Sportige recently published an article about the difference between a team-oriented player like Lin and a self-centered superstar like James Harden.

For example, in the Rockets' blowout win against the Utah Jazz, both Lin and Harden put up solid numbers in limited playing time. Then again, Lin proved he made a bigger impact in the game, not only because of his 17 markers, but also because of his huge 31+ efficiency rating.

"Jeremy Lin finished with 17 points and 9 assists with 7-of-10 from the field. He had the best +/- in the game (+31) and while the Rockets didn't really struggle with him off the court, it was hard to ignore how good and efficient they looked, not to mention playing beautiful basketball, when he was on the floor, playing as a point guard," Sportige reported.

It's true that Harden's 24.6 points production is irreplaceable for the Rockets. Then again, Lin also showed that games could be won by playing unselfish basketball. Harden might have an excellent offensive skill set that allows him to create his own shot; however, it will be hard for him to score efficiently if he continues to take the ball to the hoop all by himself, especially against an elite defensive team.

"Sure, James Harden can still be the leading star of this team and scorer, but putting the ball in hands to make all the decisions throughout the game leads to losses more times than any of the head figures would like to admit," Sportige reported.

On the other hand, Lin followed head coach Kevin McHale's instruction by trying to play as a pass-first point guard. Lin has the capacity to carry the scoring load for any team, but he still decided to stick with the team's concept. And that makes Lin better than Harden.

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