Updated 04:56 AM EDT, Mon, Sep 28, 2020

Fernando Colunga to Star as Marjorie de Souza's Leading Man in New Telenovela?

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Fernando Colunga was seen eating with producer Nicandro Díaz recently, which has people to believe that the two may be working together on a new project.

Díaz has been getting ready for his new telenovela, which is as of now titled, "Sangre de Guerreras." Part of the cast was confirmed earlier this month. Marjorie de Sousa, Claudia Álvarez and Diego Olivera will be challenged by Mariana Seaone, Julián Gil and Aleida Núñez.

There is no official love interest for Sousa just yet, so people believe that Colunga will fill this role. It's definitely not out of the question, as he is a beloved leading man and has plenty of experience.

This telenovela is a remake of "Dulce Amor," a 2012 Argentine soap opera. It is set to air in 2014.

Some people, however, might disagree that Colunga is still leading man material.

During an event for telenovela actors titled "They're Always With You," William Levy said that it was a good thing Colunga didn't show up.

"He spent the time telling the rest of actors that those who needed to be there were there, and that the older stars no longer mattered, with the exception of Eduardo Yáñez, who was out of place since Televisa only called on young, relevant stars," according to TV Notas.

Of course, he only said this after Colunga refused to be at an event that Levy would also attend. Colunga reportedly said that the Cuban actor is an opportunist, who didn't have the same amount of success as he did.

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