Updated 09:29 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 30, 2020

GDC 2014 Preview: Sony Rumored to Rival Oculus Rift, Plus More From Microsoft and Nintendo

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The Game Developers Conference starts on Monday at the San Francisco Moscone Center, and here's what to expect.

The first day will bring indie game developers Rami Ismail and Jan Willen Nijman, as well as an AAA academics talk.

One company to look out for is Sony. The brand is scheduled to have an event titled "Driving the Future of Innovation," where they are rumored to unveil a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4 that will rival the Oculus Rift, according to The Guardian. This will take place on March 18 and will be hosted by senior Sony research development executives.

Oculus Rift, which is only available on PC, will also explain its latest hardware and software on Wednesday. Though these two products are for similar uses, they are not in direct competition with each other. Still, expect the two companies to try to one-up one other.

Irrational Games will present on Tuesday and explain how they brought Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth to life, according to Edge Online. This company recently downsized to 15 employees because the founder Ken Levine wanted to work on more intimate projects.

The Fullbright Company will explain on Tuesday how laziness is just efficiency in their talk, How to Succeed by Being Lazy.

Microsoft will have an event on Wednesday, March 19, which will be centered around their most recent console, the Xbox One. There will be more from Sony on Wednesday, when they have Luis Antonio talk about his upcoming The Witness. Nintendo game designer Katsuya Eguchi will also talk about Animal Crossing.

Rant Apocalypse: The 10th Anniversary Mega Session will be held on Thursday. Industry professionals will get together to complain about anything and everything, according to GDC. This event takes place because as the description says, "The most vital conversations at GDC usually happen in corridors between scheduled events and at late-night beer sessions. The rant session goes beyond polished promotional demos to air the burning issues that are most important to rank and file game developers."

Friday is the last day, and it will be less hectic. One conference will have developers talk about 9 Things I wish I Could Tell My Past Self, which might prove useful for those who are planning on getting into this field.

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