Updated 04:40 PM EDT, Mon, Oct 19, 2020

Jeremy Lin Wants More Playing Time With Houston Rockets

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Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin has been in a shooting funk as of late, largely because of his struggle to knock down jumpers from the perimeters. However, several analysts believe Kevin McHale's decision to limit the playing time of the former Harvard hotshot is another factor in the star's regressing play on the court.

In sports analyst Chris Baldwin's latest article, the Houston Culture Map writer attacked McHale's tactic of using Lin when the opposing team is blowing away the Rockets. Baldwin stressed that Lin should be given more playing time on the court, enough to give him a chance to contribute at crucial points in the game.

"This is how it goes for Jeremy Lin. When the Houston Rockets coach has exhausted every other possible way to try and win the game, he might give Lin a chance to make a difference. McHale will throw Lin into an impossible position and see what happens," wrote Baldwin. 

Baldwin said one concrete example of Lin's capacity to be a sparkplug off the bench when given enough playing minutes was last Sunday, when he dropped 26 points and then knocked down a go-ahead basket in overtime to help the Rockets escape past the Portland Trail Blazers.

In that game, starting point guard Patrick Beverley was hideous on the court, prompting coach McHale to shift his attention to Lin, who had been used an average of 20 minutes in the last six games. The coach's gamble eventually paid off, leading the Rockets to a huge win over another elite Western Conference squad.

"If you ask me it feels good, yeah it feels good," Lin said after ending his shooting woes against the Blazers, Houston Culture Map reported.

Lin, who is averaging 12 points and 4 dimes per game this season, still has the game. He just needs the chance to prove his worth in big time situations, according to Baldwin.

"Yes, Jeremy Lin can still play. He still has moments of pure basketball insanity in him. He just needs a real chance. More than once every eight games," Baldwin stressed.

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