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'Star-Crossed' Season 1 Episode 5 Spoilers: A Mysterious Path, Grayson & Emery Go on Date [Video]

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In this week's episode of "Star-Crossed," Roman finds that his home has been searched by guards, who were looking for an illegal piece of technology.

His mother tells him that she found what they were looking for: a phone that belonged to his father. Only Trags are known to own phones, so his family believes that he may have been a part of the organization. Roman takes it to school to ask Julia and Lukas for help in figuring out what's on the device.

Lukas finds something, but they are caught by Gloria before they can figure out what the video sent to his father contained.

Sophia wants to join the swim team, and joins after it is cleared with Gloria. But she gets poisoned at the meet, and humans and Atrians start fighting each other.

Gloria had quite the episode—she is the one who sent the guards to Roman's. It is revealed that she and Nox had an illegitimate son.

In the next episode of the series, "Dreamers Often Lie," Gloria will tell the Atrian Seven that they are free to explore outside of their own sector, so Roman will take it as an opportunity to dig up details from his father's past. And he ends up making a shocking discovery, according to Spoilers Guide.

Emery and Grayson, who kissed on this week's episode, will go on a date, but they'll be interrupted by Eric who calls Grayson for help. Meanwhile, Drake mistakenly thinks Taylor is an undercover Trag, and Lukas will try to make a move on Sophia. And Teri will try to take over Drake's mission.

Written by Marc Halsey, "Dreamers Often Lie" airs on March 17.

"Star-Crossed" is on every Monday at 8 p.m. EST on the CW.

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