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Immigration Reform News 2014: Ann Coulter Attacks the 'Browning of America,' Threatens GOP Reform Supporters With 'Death Squads' at CPAC [Video]

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Notorious for her often inflammatory and racially insensitive rhetoric, Ann Coulter unleased a number of verbal attacks against immigration in America at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference earlier this week.

The last day of CPAC ended on Monday with what was supposed to be a debate about immigration reform between the ultra-conservative commentator and Daily Caller journalist Mickey Kaus. However, the forum ended up being a showcase of who could come up with the most anti-immigrant and xenophobic remarks, which Coulter clearly dominated. It also highlighted the offensive conservative media talking points that have crippled the Republican Party from taking real action to reform the country's broken immigration system.

During the discussion, the speakers touted a number of immigration myths against "amnesty," including the belief that reform will result in "30 million" new Democratic voters, will have a "negative effect" on the "wages of unskilled and poor Americans," and that "most Americans do not favor a path to legalization" for undocumented immigrants," noted MediaMatters.org.

The panelists also claimed that reform hurts Hispanics, that "Hispanics don't care about amnesty" and that undocumented immigrants are eligible to apply for subsidized health insurance.

At one point, Kaus stated that immigration reform represented "the triumph of ethnic politics over economic politics," while Coulter went on to accuse immigrants of trashing national parks and called for increased stigmatization of undocumented workers and unwed mothers.

"Now at all these national parks in California where the littering is coming from recent immigrants -- oh, we can't suggest any one group is doing it. Let's just shut the park. And that's what they're doing. This is always the solution now. We don't want to stigmatize anyone. No sometimes stigma is good. They've stigmatized smoking out of existence, how about stigmatizing unwed motherhood, littering, running across the border illegally. How about stigmatizing it? Can we just do that?" said Coulter. 

Coulter also attacked MSNBC for "celebrating the browning of America" and claimed that "if you don't celebrate it, you're a racist." She added, "It's going to be people who are not from America who are going to be in theory funding older, white people who are getting to their Social Security and Medicare age. I don't think that can last, at some point they're going to say, 'Screw it.'"

She continued the discussion with a call to action and threatened Republicans who support reform measures with "death squads."

"Amnesty is forever and you got to vote for the Republicans one more time and just make it clear; but if you pass amnesty, that's it, it's over and then we organize the death squads for the people who wrecked America."

According to Right Wing Watch, during another event before her discussion at CPAC Coulter also compared the country's changing demographics to a woman being raped.

"My favorite network for humor is MSNBC. They're always sneering, demographics are changing. No this isn't a natural process," Coulter said. "It's like you're being raped and the guy is telling you 'my penis is in you.' No, you're raping me. Demographics are changing by force. There is nothing natural about it."

Watch video clip below:


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