Updated 05:58 AM EDT, Sun, Sep 20, 2020

MLB Free Agents Rumors: Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays Offer Contracts to Ervin Santana

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Ervin Santana has had a change of heart—he is now willing to sign a one-year deal and several teams are rushing to sign the free agent pitcher.

Several teams have expressed their interest in acquiring Santana, including the Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays and the Minnesota Twins, reports Fox Sports.

Sources indicate that the Twins have put a three-year offer on the table, which is believed to be between $30 to $33 million. The Twins are reportedly willing to enhance their offer, but the figure is allegedly far below Santana's four-year, $50 million asking price.

"The Twins made a three-year offer to Santana, according to a source familiar with the negotiations, but word continues to be that Santana will most likely sign a one-year deal if he doesn't get something in the neighborhood of his $50-million, four-year asking price," CBS Sports baseball insider John Heyman wrote.

Signing a one-year deal looks more logical, considering that Santana could get a $15 to $16 million qualifying offer after next season, which means that he could earn around $30 million in just two years—the same amount he'll get in three years if he decides to accept the Twins' offer.

Should Santana decide to sign a one-year deal, the Blue Jays or the Orioles will likely be the 31-year-old pitcher's landing spot. Reports indicate that the Blue Jays fielded a one-year deal worth $14 million, while the Orioles also offered a contract close to that range.

According to Fox Sports, the Blue Jays are the front-runner at this point—not only because they offered a bigger paycheck, but also because Santana, who hails from Dominican Republic, is reportedly itching to play alongside his six compatriots in Toronto.

"The story, as related by a source, reflects the advantage that the Jays hold over other clubs in the recruitment of Santana. Six players on the Jays' projected 25-man roster hail from Santana's native Dominican Republic. Three of those players -- right fielder Jose Bautista, shortstop Jose Reyes and first baseman Edwin Encarnacion -- are among the team's biggest stars," Fox Sports noted.

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