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Titanfall Tuesday Release Means Great Deal on Xbox One, Find Out When You Can Play Online

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The Microsoft-exclusive game Titanfall will be released on Tuesday.

The game has been dubbed Call of Duty with robots as both games have been developed by the same company. Titanfall can only be purchased for Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360, the major competitors of Sony. The Xbox 360 version will be released March 25.

A $500 game bundle will include the game and the Xbox One, which is essentially a price drop for the console that normally goes for $500 on its own. The bundle is also $100 more than the PlayStation 4.

Titanfall will see if the console can handle the expected surge of digital downloads, as Forbes notes.

"Sure, at launch people may have been downloading Dead Rising, Forza, Ryse, etc, but now with Titanfall, this is one day and one game, and a huge number of players that may be thinking they want to save themselves a trip to battle the lines at Gamestop, and simply download the game through their Xboxes directly," said Forbes tech contributor Paul Tassi.

Titanfall was in development for two years, and early reviews have been positive, according to the New York Times. It's meant to be played online with other players, unlike most console games that feature a lengthy single-player campaign.

"Titanfall will help propel the idea of high-definition gaming," said Patrick Soderlund, the executive vice president of EA Studios at Electronic Arts.

There are high hopes for Titanfall because of Vince Zampella, who worked on Call of Duty. "It was a little bit of trying to do something familiar yet different," he said.

But he's not worried about missing out on possible sales. "Microsoft is going to push us because they see us as a game for selling their system," Zampella said.

Microsoft will be throwing midnight release parties that start at 9 p.m. EST. In Seattle, at least, the party will include food, prizes and giveaways, according to the Seattle Times. The first 25 people in line will receive an Xbox Live Gold 12-month subscription, and the 50 will receive Titanfall T-shirts.

Here's when you can start playing online, according to GameSpot:

Xbox One: (Local Market Start Date / Time)

  • United States: 3/11/14 - 12:00 AM PDT

  • Canada: 3/11/14 - 12:00 AM PDT

  • Mexico: 3/11/14 - 12:00 AM PST

  • Brazil: 3/11/14 - 4:00 AM BRT

  • Austria: 3/13/14 - 12:00 AM CET

  • France: 3/13/14 - 12:00 AM CET

  • Germany: 3/13/14 - 12:00 AM CET

  • Ireland: 3/14/14 - 12:00 AM GMT

  • Italy: 3/13/14 - 12:00 AM CET

  • Spain: 3/13/14 - 12:00 AM CET

  • United Kingdom: 3/14/14 - 12:00 AM GMT

  • Australia: 3/13/14 - 12:00 AM AEDT

  • New Zealand: 3/14/14 - 12:00 AM NZDT

Origin PC: (Local Market Start Date / Time)

  • Central Asia: (Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand) 3/11 12:00 KST

  • North America (United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil) 3/11 12:00 AM EST

  • Russia: 3/11 11:00 MSK

  • Australia: 3/12 13:00 UTC

  • Japan: 3/12 15:00 UTC

  • Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland): 3/12 23:00 UTC

  • New Zealand: 3/13 12:00 UTC

  • India: 3/13 18:30 UTC

  • United Kingdom: 3/13 23:00 UTC

  • Ireland: 3/13 23:00 UTC

  • Portugal: 3/13 23:00 UTC

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