Updated 02:03 PM EDT, Fri, May 25, 2018

'Lo Que La Vida Me Robo' Spoilers: Carlotta, Ezequiel Get Married and Josefina Goes Through a Transformation

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Last week there was death, confessions and cliffhangers. Here is everything you missed.

Monday: Refugio told Victor Montserrat that the police want to force Samuel Barajas to say that Alejandro is his partner. Barajas is also hit violently to get him to incriminate Alejandro, but he refuses. Virginia is taken and tied up by Adolfo and María, who then take a photo of her where she is unconscious to show to Joaquín. Pedro tells Joaquín to write a suicide note that accuses Alejandro.

Tuesday: Alejandro berates Joaquín for not telling the truth. When José Luis and Angélica go visit Joaquín in jail, they are told that he committed suicide. He left behind a book saying that Pedro Moreno was his partner.

Wednesday: Fabiola learned that Alejandro's mother spent 30 years in prison, and then tells Sandro. Peter also tells Sandro that no one knew that Benjamín Almonte had descendants, so Alejandro could be an impostor. Dimitrio falsifies documents to see Alejandro, and he later looks for José Luis to inform him that Alejandro needs to see him because he has a letter with Joaquín's confession.

Thursday: Montserrat visits Alejandro, where he tells her about Joaquín's letter. Graciela tells Fabiola that when Angélica got married she automatically got her inheritance from her grandmother, so when José Luis dies, she'll have the entire fortune to herself. At Joaquín's funeral, Fabiola lies to José Luis and says that Montserrat never stopped loving him.

Friday: When María visits Alejandro, she tells him that Montserrat is still seeing José Luis. Nadia and Victor tell Barajas that they'd rather kill him than blame Alejandro. Nadia takes a pregnancy test and learns she is expecting Victor's child.

This week there will be a confrontation between Fabiola and Graciela. Amelia will confess to Anselmo. Montserrat will slap María, and Carlotta will marry Ezequiel. And for its 100th episode, airing on Friday, Josefina will go through a transformation.

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