Updated 10:46 AM EDT, Mon, Jul 13, 2020

William Levy vs. Jaime Camil: Who Reigns on Twitter?

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Latinos are very active on social media. A 2013 Pew Report found that Latinos used Twitter more than any other ethnic group. Now, we're on a mission to find out what Latino star reigns supreme in the realm of social media. This week, we're looking at William Levy and Jaime Camil, who coincidentally had a little bit of a spat recently, albeit indirectly.

Handle: Who has the better username?

William Levy's username is willylevy29. Jaime Camil's is jaimecamil. This one easily goes to Camil because he didn't need to tack on any extra characters.

Followers: Who has a bigger following?

Levy has 2.06 million followers and Jaime Camil has 2.97 million. Camil wins this round as well, and he even follows fewer people than Levy does.

Content: Whose content is better?

This round is not at all about who Tweets more. Instead, it's about who shares better things with their fans, and who interacts with them in the best way. First up, the man in the lead, Camil. He's shared images of table reads, news about his upcoming roles and even writes back to fans. He's got a great handle on social media. Levy shares pictures of the kinds of things he's doing as well as what goes on behind-the-scenes. And he never stops telling fans that he loves them all. This round goes to Levy because we get a more personal look into his life.

Frequency: Who has more frequent interaction with fans?

Jaime Camil tweets five times per day and has 12,000 retweets for every 100 tweets. Also, for every 100 tweets, he gets 2,360 replies. William Levy tweets three times per day, but he gets 19,000 tweets per 100 tweets and gets 9,316 replies for every 100 tweets. This one goes to William Levy because his fans try to interact more with him.

Women Magnet: Who is the bigger stud?

Part of their job as telenovela stars is to attract female viewers, so this will look at who has the bigger following of female fans. Camil has a 71 percent female base while Levy has 83 percent.

And with that we can crown a champion. William Levy beats Jaime Camil at Twitter.

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