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Fernando Colunga Thinks William Levy Is an 'Opportunist,' Avoids Going to Event With Cuban Actor

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After making exorbitant demands, Fernando Colunga refused to participate in an event where William Levy would be present.

Televisa was hosting a promotional event that intended to give thanks to viewers, especially housewives, who are faithful to the channel's stars, according to El Sol De La Florida. He and other handsome telenovela actors were supposed to take part in the campaign called "They're Always With You."

Fernando Colunga, who has starred in "Maria La Del Barrio" and "Porque El Amor Manda," was not denied his over-the-top demands. The successful telenovela actor wanted $3 million for one day's work, a private plane from Miami to Mexico, a helicopter to then take him from the airport to Santa Fe, where the promotions were being filmed, and a room at one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, according to TV Notas.

But there was one demand they could not meet: He didn't want William Levy to participate. Colunga thinks the Cuban actor is an "opportunist," who doesn't have near the amount of success with audiences as he does, and simply is not a star of his caliber.

José Ron ended up going in place of Colunga.

Levy found out about Colunga's low opinion of him, and according to TV Notas, "he spent the time telling the rest of actors that those who needed to be there were there, and that the older stars no longer mattered, with the exception of Eduardo Yáñez, who was out of place since Televisa only called on young, relevant stars."

It seems William Levy may have other enemies, or at least people who don't think of him as highly. Jaime Camil also declined attending the event because he thought the other actors were way beneath him. The actors chosen were picked because they had been a protagonist of a novela.

Recently, Levy has been trying to make the transition to Hollywood actor. He said the busy shooting schedule is tiring and makes it difficult to spend time with his family.

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