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'Revenge' Season 3 Spoilers: Victoria Gets a New Henchman, Faces Off With Stevie [Video]

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When "Revenge" returns from its lengthy hiatus, some new characters will be joining the Hamptons socialites.

The "Spoiler Chat" column at E! Online reports that in episode 20, "Revolution," viewers will meet Brandon, one of Victoria's new henchmen.

He is described as "terrifying and manipulative" as well as dangerous, but his good looks and seemingly gentlemanly manners allow him to fit in at swanky Hamptons functions.

The addition of the new character may not bode well for Emily (Emily VanCamp). Considering Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) knows Emily's secret, she will most likely use him to dig up more information on her scheming daughter-in-law.

Another new character will be Charlotte's (Christa B. Allen) new love interest named Javier, who will be played by Henri Esteve. "He's a bit of a bad boy that comes on and links Charlotte to Nolan," Allen teased to TVGuide.

The character will play a hacker from "the wrong side of the tracks" who meets Nolan (Gabriel Mann) when he was in jail. Javier begins living with Nolan while he's under house arrest, which is where he meets Charlotte.

The return of the ABC drama will also feature flashbacks.

According to E! Online, there will be several flashback scenes that show the relationship between Victoria, Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Pascal (Olivier Martinez).

Flashbacks will also show a 12-year-old Aiden (Barry Sloane), which will give more insight into his character.

Victoria's suspicions about Emily will also continue to increase. "The photograph is the catalyst that starts her on a journey to really have something on Emily," said showrunner Sunil Nayar.

"She was looking for just one piece of information," he continued. "So she doesn't have any idea that Emily is Amanda Clark at this point in time. But she definitely knows that this woman is not on the level and that some of her suspicions are completely correct, which gives Victoria a great engine going into the second half of the season where she now has the power in the relationship, which she hasn't had."

Also, Victoria will be forced to face Conrad's (Henry Czerny) ex, Stevie (Gail O'Grady), who is described as a "firecracker" and may have some chemistry with Jack (Nick Wechsler).

"Needless to say, she and Victoria are at odds, because Victoria came in just as Stevie was on the way out," said Henry Czerny, who plays Conrad, to TVLine. "But yeah, she's a firecracker, and the electricity that you'll see between Stevie and Jack - yes, Stevie and Jack - and between Stevie and Victoria will be fantastic."

Meanwhile, Emily is still focusing on exacting revenge.

"She definitely wants to take the Graysons down," Nayar said at a press interview, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "That will never be a mission that leaves her. But with Victoria knowing who she is [or rather who she isn't] and as we play things out coming back, [Emily] understands that the way she has to go about it is going to be completely different than the way that she has done it in the past."

On the next episode, "Payback," Aiden could be in big trouble, and Emily may conspire with Conrad.

Watch the promo for "Payback," which airs Sunday, March 9 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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