Updated 03:12 AM EDT, Mon, Sep 28, 2020

William Levy Channels Childhood for 'The Single Mom's Club' Role

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William Levy is tapping into his background to portray Manny in "The Single Mom's Club."

"I grew up with a single mother and never had my father by my side," he told El Nacional. "Fortunately, or unfortunately, this taught me beautiful things, and I learned what my children need from me."

He was able to put himself in the place of the five characters who are single mothers because his mother lived it. Levy wanted to work on this Tyler Perry movie because it dealt with real themes that people, including himself, could identify with.

"Sometimes single mothers face difficult moment that they don't know how they will overcome or move forward," he said. "This movie has many moments that one can identify with..."

Though Levy said that single mothers don't have a man to protect or support them, he said that times have changed and people see single mothers, as well as women, in a new light.

"Today a woman is very independent, and that's something to admire," he said. "As a man, I admire an independent woman more than a dependant one."

His character, Manny, will be a waiter at a Mexican restaurant who has a relationship with Esperanza, who will be played by Colombian actress Zulay Henao. Esperanza is a divorced woman who is threatened by her ex-husband for trying to date other men. This makes it difficult for her to have a real relationship with Manny.

Henao also feels a connection with her character.

"Like my character, Esperanza, one of the most beautiful things a Latina woman does is give in completely and blindly to love, and we forget about ourselves sometimes," Henao said. "It's important to remember that taking care of yourself first is necessary to take care of yoru family."

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