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MLB Trade Rumors 2014: Oliver Perez Could Sign With NY Yankees, Washington Nationals

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Free agent pitcher Oliver Perez is reportedly attracting four teams, including the big-spending New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals, a source close to situation disclosed on Tuesday.

According to Boston Globe baseball writer Nick Cafardo, Perez surprisingly remains on the free agency market, but he was reportedly close to inking a deal with four teams. The Yankees and the Nationals are apparently the teams in need of a hard-throwing lefty.

Cafardo said even Seattle Mariners manager Eric Wedge is still wondering why Perez remains unsigned despite boasting solid stats last season.

"He did a great job for us last year," Wedge said about Cafardo's free agency. "He's a good guy on the team. Very dependable for us."

There were four teams who were on the verge of signing him two weeks ago, but nothing has transpired. The Yankees, who are relying on Matt Thornton as their main lefthander out of the pen, or the Nationals, could surely use Perez.

Many baseball pundits believe teams, especially World Series contenders, would benefit a lot from Perez, who recorded two saves, a 3.74 ERA and 74 strikeouts last season for the Mariners.

Sports Illustrated Fan Sided writer Hayden Kane also agrees that Perez could be a strong signing for any team that needs a boost in its bullpen. Kane also pointed out that Perez's inconsistency a few seasons prior to his breakout year in 2013 might be the reason behind the team's reluctance to sign him.

"With two presumed playoff contending teams expressing interest, Perez could end up being one of the strong signings of the off-season. Other left-handed relieves got snagged up early and paid handsomely, so one wonders if it is Perez's struggles in seasons prior to 2013 that are causing teams to pause," Kane stated.

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