Updated 04:20 PM EST, Sun, Jan 17, 2021

WWE Monday Night Raw Spoilers and Preview for 7/29: John Cena vs Ryback, Daniel Bryan vs Kane, and More

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This week the WWE is out on an international tour of Australia, meaning that this week's episodes of Raw and Smackdown were taped last week. Anyone interested in getting the spoilers for this week's episodes can do so here for Raw and here for Smackdown.

But those looking for a spoiler-free preview of tonight's show, we bring you some of the highlights of the show.

John Cena and Ryback give us a mini rematch of their previous pay-per-view encounter from Payback, facing off in a tables match, which was the first match of their Three Stages of Hell match. The match promises to be a hard-hitting affair, as the powerhouse wrestlers share bad blood and will be giving their all in this potential classic.

Daniel Bryan, Cena's opponent for the WWE Championship at Summerslam, will also be in action, taking on his former tag team partner Kane. The match has many x-factors involve, such as bad feelings between the two former champions over their recent split. The Wyatt family is also a factor in the match, as they have shown interest in the marked warrior as of late, even costing him his spot in one of the Money in the Bank ladder matches.

One of the dark-horse matches that could out shadow both these big matches is a match between Dolph Ziggler and his former bodyguard Big E Langston. Ziggler is looking for revenge against both Langston and his ex-girlfriend, AJ Lee, which could cause this match to spiral out of control quickly considering the amount of tension between the three.

Speaking of AJ, the Divas Champion will also go one-on-one with former friend and ex-champion Kaitlyn as their building rivalry continues.

Another big match features the dominant Shield taking on some tough competition in the form of their current foes, the Usos, teaming up with the World Strongest Man, Mark Henry. The Usos have risen to the challenge to stay competitive with The Shield, and Henry is coming off a match for the WWE Championship, so the team's are fairly evening matched.

Other WWE superstars in action include, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Rob Van Dam, Fandango, Kaitlyn, the Bella Twins, and Curtis Axel.  Look out for more WWE news as the week goes on.

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