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WWE Raw Spoilers, Preview for March 3, 2014: Will CM Punk Return as 'Raw' Heads to Chicago?

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It should be an interesting night in Chicago on Monday Night Raw with "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul hosting the show as the specter of CM Punk hangs over the telecast.  

Fans of the "Second City Saint" have been working on taking over the show, with the hashtag #HijackRaw trending last week, while Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer reported that the former Ring of Honor and WWE champion will return to the fold this Monday night. Will it once again be "Clobbering Time" in WWE?

The Wyatts are in for a busy night, just a week after having decimated John Cena both during the Elimination Chamber match—costing him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and chance to headline Wrestlemania XXX—and finishing the job they started at the PPV last week on Raw. Even with the clan's attention focused on Cena, the Wyatts still have unfinished business with The Shield, with WWE COO Triple H ordering that the stables settle their differences this week on Monday Night Raw.

The war between the Wyatts and The Shield can only be described as physically grueling, with more of the same expected on Monday despite cracks within The Shield. Roman Reigns and United States Champion Dean Ambrose are failing to see eye-to-eye of late, with Seth Rollins acting as the voice of reason within the crew. Will The Shield be able to keep it together or will the Wyatts finally put down the "Hounds of Justice?" And will Cena be a factor, despite his injury, finding a way to get back at the crazy clan who put him out of action with Wrestlemania XXX weeks away?

Triple H has other worries, as Daniel Bryan has become obsessed with battling the WWE executive in a Wrestlemania XXX bout after getting screwed by the WWE Director of Operations Kane in the Elimination Chamber main event. Corporate Kane's interference in the Elimination Chamber cage match bout cost Bryan the WWE world title he wants so badly and the headline slot at the yearly pay-per-view extravaganza. Triple H has rejected the notion of getting back into the squared circle, saying that he may find a spot at the pay-per-view for Bryan if one is available. But with Bryan unwilling to take a "NO!" for an answer, what will the former champion do to force Triple H's hand and get his Wrestlemania XXX moment at the expense of "The Game"?

Speaking of Wrestlemania XXX, the main event - Royal Rumble winner Batista battling WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton for the title - has not gone over well with fans. The fan reaction was far from positive at the Royal Rumble and it has not gotten better for Batista since returning to the WWE. Batista has tried to present his case, explaining to the WWE Universe that he loves this business, but the fans will not hear it. With Orton capitalizing on the WWE fans' surprise gift to him—pecking away at Batista's ego and confidence—will the crowd keep on poking the "The Animal" to the point that he unleashes his fury on their heroes? Or will Batista find a way to keep his composure and focus on "the Viper," who will likely continue playing "head games" against his former Evolution stablemate?

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