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WWE Raw Results for Feb. 24: Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker Return to "Monday Night Raw"

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Hulk Hogan kicked off the show to a huge ovation from the WWE Universe upon his return after nearly seven years away from the company, with the wrestling icon promoting the new WWE Network, as well, making it official that he will be hosting Wrestlemania XXX.

Batista vs Alberto Del Rio
In a re-match from Elimination Chamber, Batista faced off against Alberto Del Rio, though the night would end up with a different result after Del Rio earned the victory, rolling up "The Animal" when he became distracted by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. "The Viper" made his way to the ramp during the match, distracting Batista, allowing the Mexican aristocrat to earn the win. Orton laughed at Batista after the loss, addressing the fans' disdain hurled towards Batista since his return to the WWE, with Batista reponding he does care about the fans' reaction, only winning the title around Orton's waist.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Cesaro of The Real Americans (w/ Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger) vs Intercontinental Champion Big E (non-title match)
Cesaro, who has been on a roll since defeating Orton, came close to knocking down another champion on the roster, having spun Big E with his Cesaro Swing, only to have his Real American tag team partner interfere in the match, clamping the Patriot Lock on the champion, Swagger angry at Sunday's night loss at Elimination Chamber and the clothesline he ate earlier in the match. Faced with no choice, the referee disqualified Cesaro, much to his dismay, prompting him to attack the champion and hitting him with the Neutralizer before moving on to his next challenge.
Winner via disqualification: Big E

John Cena came out to the ring to address the Wyatt Family, who attacked him during the Elimination Chamber main event match, costing him a trip to Wrestlemania XXX. The Wyatts confronted Cena, who swarmed him, injuring the former champion's knee in the process. Cena had to be helped by EMS back to the locker room, with a knee injury a real possibility with weeks left until Wrestlemania XXX.

Christian vs Sheamus
Sheamus, still furious he was eliminated by Christian in Sunday's Elimination Chamber match after "Captain Charisma" caught with a Frog-Splash off the top of one of the pods in the cage, sought a measure of revenge on Raw. The match was a back-and-forth affair that saw Christian dodge Sheamus' Brogue Kick, taking a chance going up to the second rope and unfortunately leaping into another Brogue Kick that earned Sheamus the win.
Winner: Sheamus

Backstage, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns argue with Dean Ambrose over the result of their Elimination Chamber match that saw them lose to the Wyatts. Ambrose leaves the group, fustrated they will not accept his explanation over what happened on Sunday, only to have the Wyatts walk in on the The Shield. Reigns challenged Wyatt to a one-on-one singles match later that night, saying he would leave his "hounds" in the back if Wyatt kept his boys away from the ring.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan
The Authority scheduled Bryan in a match against his former tag team partner, WWE Director of Operations Kane, after Kane made sure that Bryan did not win Elimination Chamber Sunday night. Despite competing with an injured shoulder, an injury sustain and aggravated by "the Big Red Monster", Bryan battled back in the bout to catch Kane with a Flying Knee for the pin-fall victory. After the match, Bryan re-iterated his challenge to Triple H that he made on the WWE app for a bout at Wrestlemania XXX.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Summer Rae (w/ Fandango) vs Emma (w/ Santino)
After weeks of facing off in a series of Dance-off contests, Summer Rae finally got an opportunity to get her hands on Emma in a singles bout. Summer Rae showed she had moves in the ring as well as the dance floor, attempting to end the match with a Cobra Clutch only to get the hold reversed by Emma, finding herself trapped in an Emma Lock and tapping out for the loss.
Winner: Emma

The Usos vs WWE Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws (non-title)
Having used trickery to get past the young, faster, and more agile Usos brothers, after "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn grabbed Jimmy Uso's tights during their Elimination Chamber tag team title match on Sunday to retain the belts. The Usos, having learned their lesson, did not fall for the veterans' chicanery, with Jimmy Uso diving to the outside to attack Gunn while Jey Uso nailed "Road Dogg" Jesse James with a Super Kick, setting up the champion for a Superfly Splash to beat the six-time tag team champions.
Winner: The Usos

Roman Reigns of The Shield vs Bray Wyatt of the Wyatt Family
With both their cohorts barred from ringside, Reigns and Wyatt picked up where they left off at Elimination Chamber, this time in singles competition, battering each other to a pulp before Reigns got the upper-hand and struck Wyatt with a Superman Punch that sent Wyatt reeling back. Seeing their leader in trouble, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper made their appearance at ringside before Seth Rollins came out of nowhere to help Reigns out. United States champion Dean Ambrose came not far behind, to even up the odds for Reigns despite his issues with the crew, with The Shield clearing out the ring to continue their feud with The Wyatts.
Winner by disqualification: Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman and his client Brock Lesnar ended the night, demanding that WWE COO Triple H keep his word and give Lesnar the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title shot he was promised and that either Batista or Randy Orton should step aside so that Lesnar can make history at Wrestlemania XXX. Heyman informed Triple H that his client would not be accepting the open contract for any match he wanted at the pay-per-view that was given to Lesnar as compensation for moving aside from a potential title match, with Heyman again emphasizing his client wanted to make history in New Orleans. After saying that Lesnar would refuse to appear at Wrestlemania XXX if his demands were not met, the lights went out, smoke filled the arena, and The Undertaker's theme song played as he made his way towards Lesnar in the ring. Lesnar, staring down at the Undertaker, signed the contract Triple H had given him for an open match in New Orleans while The Undertaker accepted Lesnar's challenge to his undefeated 21-0 Wrestlemania record by stabbing Lesnar's hand with a pen and choke-slamming him through a table to end the show.

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