Updated 05:24 AM EST, Tue, Jan 26, 2021

Kanye West Stands With Drake, Threatens to 'Go After' Media [Video]

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At his New Jersey concert this weekend, Kanye West went after the media for saying that Drake had criticized his album.

Drake later went out to say that he didn't speak out against Kanye and his latest album, and said he wouldn't let the media speak for him anymore. This prompted Kanye to give his speech midshow. "They always be trying to pit n---as against each other, and it aint' going down no more, he said. "So tonight it ain't none of that. We love Drake, we love ever motherf---ker that put their heart into this motherf--in' music."

Last week, Drake shared his frustration with Rolling Stone on Twitter stating, "I'm disgusted with that. RIP to Philip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. but the press is evil." The Tweet was later deleted, but West seems to agree.

"Every media outlet, I don't care who you are - TMZ, E!, Barbara Walter - don't play yourself. Respect it as such," he added.

He believes the media should also check in with him first, and he accused the media of racial prejudice.

"Write that motherf--king headline when you try to make me look like a maniac or an animal because you afraid of interracial relationships, because you afraid of the future, because you afraid of a rapper that was raised by two educated parents. Don't think that I'm upset because I'm actually very, very happy."

He also goes to say that who needs to be targeted is the media who is "writing that negativity."

Kanye West has made plenty of headlines for going on rants during concerts, but has also chosen radio and TV shows to express his opinions. He has spoken against Nike, the fashion industry and even against MTV journalist Sway.

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