Updated 06:37 PM EDT, Thu, Aug 22, 2019

Loch Ness Monster Extinct? Nessie Not Seen in 18 Months, Says Scotsman

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Has the Loch Ness monster gone extinct? With no sightings of the creature in more than a year, new reports suggest that Nessie may have died off.

Gary Campbell, a Scotsman who lives in Inverness in the United Kingdom and has been keeping records of Loch Ness monster sightings for the past 17 years, says it's been 18 months since the creature was last seen. 

"It's very upsetting news and we don't know where she's gone," said Campbell, who has put together a list of sightings that dates back 1,500 years, according to BBC News. "The number of sightings has been reducing since the turn of the century but this is the first time in almost 90 years that Nessie wasn't seen at all."

Apparently, three reports of possible Nessie sightings in 2013 were later determined to be discredited. Three purported photos of the creature from last year turned out to be a wave, a duck and a picture that was not taken on the Loch Ness lake.

Nonetheless, Campbell, who cites a total of 1,036 sightings, remains hopeful of seeing the beast again.

"I'm convinced that Nessie has just taken some time out and will be back with a vengeance this year," he says.

Back in 1933, the Loch Ness monster achieved notoriety after a newspaper story described not a monstrous head or hump but instead a splashing in the water that appeared to be caused "by two ducks fighting." A famous photograph showing a mysterious head and neck brought Nessie international fame, however, it was discovered to be a hoax decades later, as Yahoo! News reported. 

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