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'The Originals’ Season 1 Episode 14 Spoilers: Klaus and Rebekah are Tortured by the Witches [Video]

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Unfortunately, fans of "The Originals" will be forced to wait until the end of the month to find out what will happen to Rebekah and Klaus who were left in the mercy of the evil witches last week.

In the last episode, the witches wreaked havoc on the Crescent werewolves and the vampires in New Orleans. Klaus was also lured into a trap and stabbed by Sophie with Papa Tunde's powerful bone knife before she was killed by her niece Monique, reports The Vampire Dairies.

The next episode, "Long Way Back from Hell," won't air until Feb. 25, but from the looks of the promo video, it seems to be intense.

In the video, Klaus and Rebekah are seen being tortured by Celeste and the witches in what appears to be an abandon mental institution. Rebekah suffers from terrifying hallucinations and Klaus finds himself chained by the neck and forced to endure horrible psychological and physical torment.

In the meantime, Elijah intuitively realizes that he needs to rally his forces to save his siblings from their horrible predicament. The clip then ends with Genevieve saying, "Just because we can't kill them doesn't mean they can't be destroyed."

When asked is Sophie is really dead, executive producer Julie Plec revealed to TVLine that "It seems so, yes. In this particular case, the witches haven taken their vengeance against a non-believer. I don't think there's much hope for her to recover, given that, more often than not, you need witch intervention to have a second chance at life."

Plec also teased that the next episode "is actually really crazy." She added that "We go outside of the Quarter, and we put Rebekah and Klaus into a trapped situation in a creepy, horrible, messed-up sanatorium back in the day. Genevieve, working between the two of them, enacts her revenge, and we'll learn why Genevieve's revenge is so specifically targeted towards Rebekah and what exactly she's going to do to make Rebekah suffer as much as possible." She continued saying that "the outcome of what the witches do to our Original family will have eternal repercussions for their dynamic."

And finally, Plec hinted that the upcoming episodes will unveil more background information about the end of the influenza epidemic of 1919 in New Orleans.

"The Originals" S1E14, "Long Walk Back to Hell," airs Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Watch a preview below.

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