Updated 10:29 AM EST, Wed, Jan 19, 2022

Are Kate Middleton’s Skirts Too Short? The Queen Thinks So

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We'll be seeing a different, more modest side to Kate Middleton on her upcoming trip to Australia, and it's all because of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Mail reported that with encouragement from the Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge will be undergoing a "regal makeover" consisting of couture day dresses with lower hemlines than she's used to wearing. The point is to take her from her High Street favorites, such as Zara, to high end.

Angela Kelly has been charged with upgrading the Duchess' closet.

We can say goodbye to $35 necklaces because one of the biggest changes will be statement jewelry and gems from the Queen's collection. "Angela has been asked to start selecting jewels ahead of the trip," said a Palace source.

"She knows most of the pieces in the Queen's private collection. Her understanding is crucial because this trip will be about Kate appearing more Royal than ever - you can expect to see a lot more tiaras and the Queen will be watching closely."

You might see her wearing a diamond-and-ruby hibiscus flower brooch, since it is an unofficial Australian emblem.

For the three-and-a-half week April trip, Middleton will be required to wear up to four outfits a day, and it's important that her look says "wife of one heir to the throne and the mother of another."

It doesn't seem like we'll still be getting a bit of the Kate Middleton we know and love. She has reached out to her favorite designers, Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley, who are designing day dresses and gowns for the Duchess. The only exception is you won't see her in frilly dresses, so that it doesn't compete with her more grown-up image.

Designer David Emanuel, who oversaw her wardrobe on previous tours, told The Mail," Kate is going to need someone to help her get ready. Even a modern-day Royal needs help with dressing. Kate is going to be scrutinised from head to toe."

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