Updated 10:56 AM EST, Wed, Jan 19, 2022

'Scandal' Season 3 Spoilers: Fitz and Mellie's Two Children Will Make Their Debut

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"Scandal" fans may have to wait a whole month until the popular political drama series returns from its winter hiatus, but fortunately, there's a lot to look forward to in the rest of Season 3.

For the first time, President Fitz and Mellie Grant's two children will make their debut on the show. According to TVLine, executive producer Shonda Rhimes is in the process of casting the guest-starring roles of 15-year-old Jerry, who is described as "quiet, smart and intense," and his younger sister Karen, who comes across as "polished, self-assured and older than her years."

The First Children are poised to appear in Episode 15 of Season 3.

The presidential election will be a huge focus in the remaining episodes of Season 3, as Mellie will be right by her husband's side during his re-election. However, TVLine reports that "The Closer" and "Major Crimes" actor Jon Tenney will join the cast as the FLOTUS' rumored love interest and potentially shake things up in her marriage.

Bellamy Young, who plays the role of Mellie, dropped hints about what to expect, telling TV Guide, "We're [Fitz and Mellie] going to spend a lot of time with the campaign, so it's the machinations of trying to get us back in the White House for another four years."

She added that her rumored love interest will "throw a wrench in the works in the very best of ways."

In a recent interview regarding Tenney's character, Young told TVLine, "We are having fun with Mr. Tenney - a great, great deal of fun." She went on to add that "His character, Andrew, is someone that we have... uh... I don't know what I'm allowed to say!"

In a promo teasing the upcoming episode, titled "Ride Sally Ride," Olivia Pope is seen being bombarded by the paparazzi while Mellie and Olivia are having a sit down meeting. Mellie tells her in a very sarcastic voice to smile because, "the world is watching." The camera then pans to the window where photographers are snapping tons of photos of her, indicating that something intense has occurred.

ABC also released a teaser clip featuring Harrison, stating: "All we really know about the mysterious Adnan Salif is that Cyrus Beene put the wheels in motion to get this person back into the country. The perpetually-cool Harrison learned about this in "Yolo" and suddenly became perpetually nervous."

"Scandal" will return with S3E11 on Thursday, Feb. 27 on ABC.

Watch a preview clips below.


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