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NBA Free Agents 2014: Dwyane Wade Could Opt Out to Get LeBron James to Stay With Miami Heat

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LeBron James recently acknowledged the sacrifice made by Dwyane Wade when he decided to join his good friend in Miami, which led to Wade relinquishing his role as the Heat's top gun.

James could become a free agent next summer, and sources said that the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player will eventually leave the Heat to take more money and try to win more championships with another team next season.

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Sources said that the Heat will have a hard time keeping their "Big Three" of James, Wade, and Chris Bosh under the new collective bargaining agreement, but will Wade step in once again and make another big sacrifice?

Veteran Heat writer Ira Winderman introduced the idea in one of his recent Q&A sessions via The Sun-Sentinel, saying that Wade could take a big paycut in order to ease the financial burden for the Heat.

To do so, Wade will have to opt out of his current contract and negotiate for another long-term, but less expensive deal. Winderman quickly added though that it remains to be seen whether or not Wade will be open to taking a huge hit in his salary for the next few seasons.

"There will be ways for Dwyane to ease the burden on a re-signed LeBron, perhaps instead of taking the $40 million due over the two seasons after this, to instead opt out and take $60 million over five, ease his cap and tax hit. Of course, it's easy to talk about someone else taking such a severe salary hit," Winderman noted.

There is already a growing concern among Heat fans that James could consider looking for another team because their championship window is slowly closing due to Wade's declining health.

The 32-year-old All-Star shooting guard has been in and out of the Heat's roster due to his ailing knee. James recently said that it will be tough for them to continue winning without his sidekick.

His previous statement created speculation suggesting that James will look for a new team where he can win more titles in the near future, but Winderman pointed out that all is not lost for the Heat this season.

"First, nothing is definitive about Dwyane's knees. Beyond that, if Dwyane provides enough memorable playoff performances, all will be forgotten by the end of the postseason about all these regular-season games missed. That's where LeBron wasn't getting the needed support in his previous stops," Winderman noted in his report.

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