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NBA Trade Rumors 2014: Toronto Raptors Could Trade Kyle Lowry Trade to Golden State Warriors

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While the Toronto Raptors are on pace to end their long playoff drought this season, the Raptors could consider trading starting point guard Kyle Lowry before the NBA trade deadline.

Despite a surprising performance during the first half of the 2013-14 NBA season, the Raptors, who are currently third in the Eastern Conference with their 23-21 record, have been quiet about their plans for Lowry as they are still gauging their chances to go deep in this year's playoffs.

But Marc Stein of ESPN revealed that the Raptors will likely trade Lowry before the trade deadline on Feb. 20, saying that most teams believe that Toronto will move the veteran point guard instead of running the risk of losing him for nothing in the offseason.

"Sense around league remains Toronto more likely to trade Kyle Lowry than keep him to prevent losing asset for nothing," Stein noted.

However, Stein quickly added that the Raptors may not find a trade partner if they continue to stand firm on their previous stance of asking for future picks and young assets in any deal involving Lowry.

Sources said that several teams are highly interested in Lowry, but teams are staying away from negotiating with the Raptors due to the high asking price of general manager Masai Ujiri.

"But Issue here hasn't changed: No team out there willing YET to meet Raps' asking price for PG who, nice as he's playing, can bolt in free agency," Stein added.

The Raptors almost traded Lowry to the New York Knicks late last month, but the negotiations ended when Knicks chairman James Dolan intervened. Dolan vetoed the impending trade after the Raptors attempted to force the Knicks to trade away their 2018 first-round pick.

The Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers also allegedly talked to the Raptors about a possible trade, but both teams failed in their bids due to the lack of attractive trade assets.

With Lowry still on the trading block, the Golden State Warriors loom as a possible trade partner for the Raptors.

The Warriors are in a hunt for a backup for All-Star point guard Stephen Curry, and they also have attractive assets to entice the Raptors.

"Ujiri has always been known as a guy who gets top value in trades, but it's hard to see anyone coming out of the woodwork to blow him away with an offer for Lowry. As a free agent, they can pursue him this summer if they need him, and most of the contenders are set at point guard. One exception might be the Warriors who have been rumored to be interested in the volatile scorer to bolster their bench," CBS Sports noted.

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