Updated 09:38 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 30, 2020

Bioshock Infinite DLC News: Buried at Sea Part 2 Preview Trailer Released [Video]

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"Bioshock Infinite" was one of the top games of 2013, and while the first half of the story-based "Buried at Sea" DLC was meet with some lukewarm responses from critics and fans, many are curious to see how the tale unfolds in the second part of the DLC.

Irrational Games has released a teaser trailer of "Buried At Sea Part 2"'s opening minutes that shows what to expect from the new adventure of Elizabeth. Some spoilers may follow in the description of the new video, so those who do not wish to have the DLC spoiled should avoid continuing further.

The trailer begins with Elizabeth coming to after the events of the first half of the DLC. She opens her eyes to see one character laying dead and a thug pointing a gun at her head. The man continuously spins the revolver's empty chambers and pulls the trigger, which is the sound Elizabeth hears when she wakes up. Sally, the girl that Elizabeth has been trying to rescue, is seen in the background being captured by another man and dragged out of the ventilation shaft she was hiding in. Sally is forcefully taken away, and the thug prepares to shoot Elizabeth. However, Elizabeth hears Booker's voice, telling her to tell the thug that she can get him back to the underwater city of Rapture. It is revealed that Booker has appeared to Elizabeth with his back to hers with the guitar in hand that he used in "Bioshock Infinite."

Booker is able to give the gang the answers that they need to convince them to spare her life. However, the leader of the gang is unwilling to let Sally go with them to Rapture, as she is too valuable Elizabeth is able to earn herself a temporary reprieve, but the gang's leader turns out to be Atlas, and the video ends with Elizabeth once again being knocked unconscious.

This trailer, while showing the immediate aftermath of part one of the DLC, leaves fans with more questions than answers. With Elizabeth now alone and dealing with one of the most dangerous characters from the original "Bioshock," it looks as though "Buried at Sea Part Two" will be a more thrilling DLC episode than the previous one. However, Irrational Games have yet to set a release date for the new DLC, so it is unclear when gamers can expect to see how "Buried at Sea" concludes.

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