Updated 04:06 AM EDT, Mon, Sep 21, 2020

Nintendo Planning to Create Content for Smartphones, According to Report

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Nintendo appears to be in the process of creating games for smartphones and other mobile devices that would allow users to get a preview of some of their games through mini-games or other similar content, according to a new report from Japanese website Nikkei via Japanese mobile and social games consulting firm Dr. Serkan Toto.

The consulting firm stated that Nintendo is preparing a mobile strategy that, which not fully committing their franchises to the platform, will give fans a taste of some of their games and hopefully motivate users into buying the full game.

It is being said that in 2014, Nintendo will begin releasing videos and demo versions of their games to mobile users as a way to market the games and generate more buzz around their products. This may be done through some sort of official Nintendo app along with standalone versions of games, referred to as mini-games that give smartphone users a taste of upcoming releases.

This contradicts a statement made by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that said the company was not planning to bring Mario or any other of the company's franchises to mobile devices other than the 3DS. However, by releasing a Nintendo app along with mobile demo versions of games, Nintendo can stick to keeping their franchises within the company while drawing in more casual gamers using this new content.

It is unclear if Nintendo is planning to use Android or iOS for their mobile content, as the report does not clarify is the company had a specific mobile platform in mind. However, the report did state that the company is planning to give away this content for free. This means not only will Nintendo avoid charging players to download their mobile offerings, but will also avoid microtransactions and other freemium tactics when it comes to their mobile content.

Oh course, this report is not from Nintendo, so it could be that the company is planning to stay away from mobile platforms in the future. However, considering that both Microsoft and Sony have released companion apps for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 along with select games on the consoles, Nintendo would be wise to join into the mobile game. Nintendo has already released an app for the Pokémon franchise that mimics the game's Pokedex, so it is possible that the company is ready to make the jump. Considering the company's recent struggles it may be the move that saves Nintendo from ruin.

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