Updated 09:50 PM EDT, Sun, Jun 24, 2018

Will 'Two and a Half Men' Be Renewed or Cancelled in the 2014-15 Season?

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Once again, it's the time of year when TV network executives must decide which sitcoms will be renewed for another year and which will be cancelled. That means that even highly successful shows like "Two and a Half Men" could be on the chopping block in the 2014-15 season.

CBS' hit comedy show "The Big Bang Theory" is also up for renewal, leaving producers biting their nails in anticipation until the decision is announced in May.

While the 2014-15 season fates of "The Big Bang Theory" and "Two and Half Men" have yet to be decided, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler reveals that "The Big Bang Theory" is looking good for at least another season, reports Classicalite.

"We have that question every year," Tassler says of "Big Bang's" fate, "and that's what happens when you have long-term success...We have a great relationship with Warner Brothers and having four Chuck Lorre shows on the air, is great...So far all of them have worked out. So that's a good indication of where that's heading...It will be decided in May."

Just in case "Two and a Half Men" were to end this year, Tassler says she "hopes" the comedy would get a final sendoff. "We try to and hopefully we will have an opportunity to do that, but we try," E! News reports.

The popular comedy series will return on Jan. 30 from a two week hiatus with a blast of laughs featuring four legendary comedians--Carl Reiner, Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence and Garry Marshall--who will make a guest appearance on an all-new episode.

During the episode, Reiner will play the role of Marty Pepper, a wealthy man who is dating Alan's mother Evelyn. Marty will propose to her, and Walden and Alan have to find a way to throw him a bachelor party. The other three guest stars will play friends of Marty's who take part in some of the festivities.

"In the episode, multimillionaire Marty Pepper proposes to Evelyn," reads a synopsis released on Wednesday, according to UPI. "In advance of their upcoming nuptials, Walden and Alan throw Marty a bachelor party. Marshall, Conway and Lawrence play Marty's friends who help him celebrate his last days of bachelorhood."

"Two and a Half Men" returns to CBS on Thursday, Jan. 30 at 9:30 p.m. EST.

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