Updated 04:19 AM EST, Wed, Dec 02, 2020

Verizon Wireless Plans: Share Everything Data Plan Worth $60 Introduced With 250MB Data

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Verizon Wireless adjusted its Share Everything family data plan, making it slightly more affordable for subscribers.

The mobile carrier announced customers are eligible to sign up for a Share Everything plan worth $60, which is $20 less than the existing cheaper data plan.

With the $60 Share Everything family plan, the Verizon Wireless subscriber will have only 250MB of data to utilize, which is down from the $80 plan's 500MB.

As CNET noted, the $60-per-month offer includes $20 for data, text, and voice calls while the remaining $40 are for the smartphone's capabilities. Verizon subscribers with basic mobile phones will only pay $30 instead of $40, thus, the monthly bill will be a minimum of $50.

According to Verizon, the $60 Share Everything family plan is a limited-time offer. It is unknown when the deal expires.

The Share Everything plan change comes as the mobile carrier announced an upgraded time reduction for customers under the "Edge" plan.

"Edge" subscribers were able to upgrade to a new smartphone after a minimum of six months into the 24-month installment plan. Verizon, however, has cut the six-month wait down to 30 days.

According to a Verizon spokesperson, the 30-day "Edge" upgrade is "currently a promotion," but it has not set an end date.

"It is in response to our customer's requests regarding this popular payment and upgrade plan," added the spokesperson. "While it is important to understand what our competitors are doing, Verizon makes decisions based on what's best for both our customers and business."

In addition, Verizon Wireless is offering a $100 gift card when trading a smartphone for the Edge plan. According to Verizon, the smartphone that would be traded in "must be in good condition." The new smartphone under the Edge plan must be a 4G LTE device. Activation costs are also waived. The $100 Verizon gift card offer ends March 31.


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