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How to Lose Weight in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is said to be one of the countries people can consider for retirement. It is hailed as one of the best places to be healthy and lose weight.

Expats living in Costa Rica can vouch that they lost a significant amount of weight while there. Some even reported losing as much as 40 pounds in their first year alone. They did not do it through crash diets nor did they experience a lot of stress while living in the country that may have contributed to their weight loss. Instead, they said the country encourages people to be more active and have a better diet.

Costa Rica Weather is Perfect for Outdoor Fun

According to News.co.cr, since the country offers warm weather all year round, expats can go out any time they want, which makes them more active. They can walk, go bike-riding and even hike, among a wide range of outdoor activities. If they prefer water activities, there is no shortage of beach locations that expats can have fun at. They can go surfing, paddle boarding and even kayaking if they want to.

Expat communities also have numerous gyms they can sign up for if they prefer to be active indoors. They can join yoga and dance classes, train with personal trainers and engage in rigorous exercise regimes with other fitness instructors.

Costa Rica Has Bountiful Fruits and Vegetables

Expats also have a healthier lifestyle because they have easy access to fresh produce. Expats are not easily tempted to eat junk food if they can easily prepare their own food with fresh and organic ingredients. Vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, kale and onions are bountiful and readily available. They can even have chayote, camote, guanabana and more others.

According to Star 2, many simply buy their vegetables and fruits at the weekly feria or farmers' market. For just $30, expats can already stock up on these nutritious foods. Processed foods imported from the United States and Europe are quite expensive and not as commonly sold as fresh produce. Expats will be hard pressed not to eat healthier while in Costa Rica. Many will find it more logical to eat healthy because it is less expensive and more convenient to do so compared to in their home countries.

Friendly People Everywhere

While losing weight is more about eating right and exercising, which Costa Rica makes possible for the expats, increased socialization can also help in making one healthier. Opportunities for interaction are everywhere in this country. People are friendly and they are generous with their time. This is why expats often cite renewed neighborliness and opportunities for socializing as the top lifestyle benefits of moving to Costa Rica.

This year, Latin One posted that the country's local elections even improved, making the country a worthy consideration for expats.

Here is a video of two Costa Rica expats:


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