Updated 11:29 AM EST, Thu, Jan 20, 2022

5 New Love Hotels in Buenos Aires For Your Next Romantic Adventure

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After a long day of sightseeing and enjoying a country's menu of mouth-watering delicacies, couples who travel together usually want nothing more than to settle in for the night and spend it privately in each other's company. However, the local selection of 24-hour in-room dining motels doesn't always stimulate feelings of passion, desire and sensuality.

In Buenos Aires, couples don't have to worry about that sort of thing as hoteliers in Argentina's capital have opened a chain of budget-friendly inns called telos that offer vibrant lighting, stylish decor and romance-inducing themes.

The Guardian reported that short-stay lodges are in abundance in South America, but the telos in Buenos Aires are in a league of their own as they provide top-class rooms complete with high-definition TVs, modern architecture and cozy beds. Some telos even supply complimentary adult-related paraphernalia and their own branded condoms.

A Gringo in Buenos Aires pointed out that some telos are intended to be places for rendezvous and trysts, where couples can book rooms with strategically situated mirrors and airlock pipes systems to ensure private activities won't be disturbed by room service attendants.

Without further ado, here are some of the best and newest telos in Buenos Aires:

Hotel Rampa Car

This telo features rooms with specific movie-inspired themes. Couples can go sci-fi and arrange reservations in the Space Room or they can relive the romantic moments from "Dirty Dancing" in the Tango Room. A three-hour stay in Hotel Rampa Car will cost lovers the equivalent of $23.

Torres del Lago

Torres del Lago in the south of Buenos Aires is a village of single-detached houses. Each abode offers a unique lodging experience. The most lucrative offering at Torres del Lago is a triplex mansion that includes a swimming pool and glass roofing. The rest of the residences are surrounded with well-gardened landscapes and lush but properly trimmed trees.

Hotel Jota Jota

Hotel Jota Jota aka El Hotel JJ boasts of impressive natural lighting and close to five-star accommodations. Couples on a budget can stay at the JJ for a minimum of four hours during weekends, meaning their stay wouldn't be too restrictive.


Dissors is a borderline five-star hotel with a touch of eroticism on the side. Accommodation in this telo doesn't come cheap, and rightfully so. Rooms feature contemporary design with exquisite lighting and engaging art pieces, not to mention high-definition TVs and wide mirrors situated at just the right angles.

Hotel General Paz

Hotel General Paz imbibes a relaxing atmosphere with its minimalistic design and architectural inventiveness. Couples who plan to incorporate booze into their evening affair will be delighted to know that this telo has one of the most remarkable collections of liquor in all of Buenos Aires.

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