Updated 04:56 PM EDT, Thu, Oct 22, 2020

Single's Day: How to Escape Ooey-Gooey Love on Valentine's Day

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There is a great percentage of people who don't believe in Valentine's Day. While these people are not exactly bitter, they find that there are far better ways to spend a Sunday. What's a single person to do when the rest of the world seems to be so lovey-dovey?

One of the best ways to get away from the rest of the ooey gooey romantic world is to escape from it all. Get a clear head and find that singles can have fun even on V Day. Grab that luggage and head over to Central America. While it might be one of the more romantic places in the world to be, it is also a great place to start loving yourself. 

1. Go backpacking to Machu Pichu.

Rated as one of the spectacular sites in South America according to Lonely Planet, this archaeological wonder will always leave one forever in awe of its mystery. There is tranquility in this ancient site that few other places can give. 

2. Go partying in Acapulco.

Who says that Acapulco is just for couples? People can go ahead and celebrate single's day on the beautiful beaches and take in the vibrant nightlife as well. This is a playground for the rich and famous, so keep a watchful eye. It is never lonely in Acapulco.

3. Take in surfing in El Tunco.

Take in some of the surfing action in El Tunco, El Salvador. According to Nerd Travels, this little piece of tropical paradise offers killer waves that are too good to ignore. There are also various side bars for one to try.

4. Revisit the past in Antigua.

Antigua in Guatemala is a great place to visit the past. The colonial city still boasts of its Spanish roots with its architecture and cobbled streets. The city also has museums to pay homage to its rich history.

5. Go diving in Bayahibe.

This is a diver's dream, according to Buzzfeed. This is a breathtaking diving spot where divers can explore the wonders of the deep and take in the mystery of the sunken wreckage below.

Valentine's Day is not just for lovey couples. It is also a day where singles can celebrate themselves. What better way to love yourself than with the gift of travel? The experience will be worth more than a dozen red roses any day.

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