Updated 04:56 PM EST, Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Chile to Hold Feminist Music Festival Organized by Francisca Valenzuela

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Francisca Valenzuela planned a Feminist Music Festival, called LOUD, on March 5 at the Fundación Cultural de Providencia in Santiago. The event is to celebrate and showcase all the female talents of Chile and will be part of the opening of Ruidosa Fest.

According to Remezcla, the event will be organized by Francisca Valenzuela in partnership with the widely-read blog for women in Chile, Zancada. The affair has a very promising all-girl lineup, like emerging stars Fakuta and Marineros.

"They all have amazing, beautiful, sensitive, authentic shows, whether it's Planta Carnivora, who is a badass and does this performance art that's super empowering, or Fakuta and Marineros, who both have this audiovisual world that's really great," the 28-year-old American-born Chilean singer said.

She even boasted that the main focus of the event will be the excellent performances of each and every female artist. Additionally, the event will also showcase two sessions of "roundtable discussions."

The renowned multi-instrumentalist will be joined by her Chilean giants, like Javiera Mena, Camila Moreno, and Denise Rosenthal for a talk about the "creative process of music." On the other hand, the discussion will also be about the industry with the other power players, like Carla Arias, who's the director of the record company, Quemasucabeza.

Aside from the concerts and discussions, there will be also booths that exhibit the different skills of women, Rock and Pop reported. As a treat for all the lovely ladies, admission is free as the show will come on a "first come first served" basis. The conference of Fran Valenzuela and Marisol Garcia will be pre-registered.

LOUD is a music festival for women in a cry for equality on the "stage and the music industry." In spite of having female artists in the industry, it is still dominated by men, Zancada added.

Other stars that will be onstage include Natisu, Peace Court and Carnivorous Plant. The talk about the industry will also feature Carmen Barahona of Doll Music in orbit, the Fem Fest Ozaus Carolina and Javiera Tapia de POTQ.

The event will be graced by companies and businesses led by women, like Aldeapardo, Amnesty International -- Chile, El Discotecario, Graphite editions and The National Store. Minka, OCAC Chile, Crafts Several, Vasalisa Edition and Stride will also show their initiatives.

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