Updated 10:55 PM EDT, Sun, Jun 20, 2021

Justin Bieber's Inner Circle Approves of Hailey Baldwin But What About his Fans?

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"Jailey" is still not officially a thing right now, but Justin Bieber has already introduced Hailey Baldwin to his crew, and they apparently like her.

A day before Super Bowl 50, the celebrity tandem, together with Bieber's closest friends, spent some time at Fort Mason National Park in San Francisco. The Biebs even shared a photo of the excursion on Instagram.

A source from E! Online revealed that Bieber's inner circle has already approved of the relationship, even though Justin and Hailey have not confirmed anything yet. The source went on to say that the pair spent Saturday night in each other's company.

"All of Bieber's friends like Hailey and would like to see them together," said the source. "They are dating. They both had a great time this weekend with each other."

Seventeen reported that Bieber and Baldwin were just friends, but everything started to get intimate between the two when they were seen kissing in Anguilla while on vacation last month. Bieber also posted a picture of the sultry moment on Instagram.

The photo was then followed by a few more snapshots showing the pair in situations that are mostly reserved for lovers. Another insider said, at that time, that the relationship between Justin and Hailey was more than a just casual hook-up. The source added that the pair enjoyed their vacation together, but they don't exactly know what will happen next.

Uncertainty seems to be the main theme of Bieber and Baldwin's relationship at the moment, but at least, both of them are having fun while they plan out the next step.

Hailey will surely rest easy knowing she has the blessing of Bieber's crew. However, his social media followers haven't quite caught on with the new celebrity tandem.

Referring to the picture showing Justin and Hailey kissing, alaina.novacek stated that people who said the 19-year old fashion model was ugly were just jealous. Commenting on this photo, vielvin claimed Justin isn't really happy with Hailey since his heart is with Selena Gomez. Meanwhile, laurensimp said the pair actually looked happy in this snapshot, but she hopes Hailey isn't just a rebound girl for Justin.

Bieber's ex-lover Selena Gomez wasn't a tad bit surprised by her ex's new fling. A source told Hollywood Life that Gomez never trusted Baldwin and that her name would often come up when she and Justin would have an argument.

"Selena is not surprised in the slightest that Justin and Hailey are hooking up," said the source. "She feels like Hailey's been after him for years and it was only a matter of time."

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