Updated 01:40 PM EST, Wed, Jan 27, 2021

'Street Fighter V' to Release with Portuguese Subtitles [Details]

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With the coming of "Street Fighter V" this month, game publisher Capcom has released a full-length trailer and announced that it will also have Portuguese subtitles.

Adrenaline reported that when the game releases for the PC and PlayStation 4 users on Feb. 16, players of the two consoles can also opt to access Portuguese subtitles for players especially in Brazil.

The game's full trailer (shown below), as per Digital Trends, introduces the new characters in the game like jiujitsu fighter Laura, villain F.A.N.G, Parkour expert Rashid, and warrior prophet Necalli.

According to SlashGear, the 3-minute video of the game also provided a little background on the characters.

Capcom earlier revealed that the game will have 16 characters including the extremely powerful Zangief. Other notable additions are Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Ken, Vega, Birdie, Charlie Nash, R. Mika and Karin and M. Bison.

Though no storyline was provided in the trailer, the same report said that it clearly teased the animation and action in store for gamers.

Last July, an earlier trailer confirmed that Ken will be making a comeback with a new hairdo, as per Eurogamer.

It was also noted that his V-Skills will allow him to rush forward and combine a number of moves though gamers can do away with this hit when they are fighting close to their opponents.

Ken is also believed to have a new V-Trigger move called the Heat Rush, which will turn him on fire when gamers burn through the entire V-Gauge.

Along with this, Comic Book noted that the game also promises great visuals for the battle game which new gamers and even veterans will surely enjoy.

It noted that "Street Fighter V" will be powered by the Unreal Engine 4 technology which aims to modernize the battlegrounds and fight mechanics of the game.

SlashGear also discussed that Capcom earlier explained how the currency in the game, called "Fight Money," can be earned and used.

Playing the arcade and survival mode of the game gives players the chance to earn "Fight Money," a feature expected to become available in the game in March.

"Those who get the game early should have enough in-game currency saved up to download the first DLC character (which also arrives in March)," SlashGear added.

The story mode of the game will be a free download for the game but additional fighters can be purchased using the "Fight Money."

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