Updated 03:21 AM EST, Sat, Jan 22, 2022

Is Sex the Only Way to Show Undying, Head-Over-Heels Love? 

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In a perfect world, sex is the last thing that's important in a relationship. After all, writers, poets, and artists did not describe human's carnal, primal and animalistic nature as the only way to show undying affection.

But this is an imperfect world and the truth is, sex is also important in a relationship. It's not solely for reproduction, either.

India Times noted that sex is a passionate experience if shared with a partner who means something to you. But more than lust and passion, the act of intercourse keeps two individuals connected in ways that are more than limbs and skin.

In fact, sex does not only connect you physically but emotionally as well. Not only does it keep the romance alive, it also does you and your partner a world of good by keeping your hormones balanced. This means that your health is improved in the process, too. 

On another note, One Plus One UK noted that studies show married couples of all ages also have more satisfaction in their relationships when they have good sex lives. Therapists say that not having sex when you want to can cause unhappiness and feelings of frustration and doubt, which means that essentially, there is a correlation between sex and happiness.

Of course, while sex is important in a relationship, it is even more important to have respect for your partner. Many men and women who are in a loving relationship fail to realize that sex should always be consensual -- every single time. There are times when one partner may not in the mood, but even in the context of a relationship, a 'no' still means 'no' -- otherwise, it's rape. In fact, sexual assault by a partner can happen and is happening to women everywhere. That kind of sex is not only unwelcome, but it is dangerous as well.

Sex -- the right kind, shared between two people in a loving relationship, can be beautiful. It can be full of love and passion and romance, and in the right context, it is good for one's overall well-being. It makes you healthy, happy and it keeps your relationship strong.

Is sex the only way to show undying, head-over-heels kind of love? Not quite.

Maybe that's why, millennials later, writers, poets, and artists still try to quantify the enormity of love, eventually settling into saying that love in all its forms cannot be quantified by words or pictures or passion in sexual intercourse. Love, for all its hoopla, is so much more than that.

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