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Sand, Sea & Surf: Here are the best Latin American Beaches to Visit

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Spring break is near, and for those who don't want to see too many teenagers partying their way in Tijuana, there are far better places in South America to kick back and relax. After all, as Lonely Planet pointed out, the south of the continent has a few major oceans to offer: do you want to see the Atlantic, the Pacific, or the Caribbean?

Whichever waves you want to surf, here are some of the best beaches in Latin America:

Ipanema, Brazil --  Ipanema boasts of diverse subcultures ranging from leftists, hippies, and artists, to the stomping ground of the gay society. 

Cancun, Mexico -- Fourteen miles of pristine white beaches is what makes Cancun popular for tourists, but beyond getting a tan, there is so much more that the Mexican paradise has to offer. With its legendary archeological cities and remnants of a culture long lost, Cancun is also said to be the main gateway to the Mayans. It also boasts lovely views of the Caribbean. Intriguing, no?

Roatan, Honduras -- Named as the snorkeling mecca, Roatan is the largest and most developed of the Bay Islands. However, while it does boast of 50 kilometers of coastline, fringed by an amazing diverse coral reef display and tropical fish to swim with, there are other things that you can explore in this piece of paradise in Honduras. For example, its pine forested hills and the remote wild made it a pirate hangout once -- who knows what sorts of treasures hide for you to find?

Monterrico, Guatemala -- It may be a small coastal village, but it has a large wildlife reserve and two centers for hatching and releasing sea turtles and caimans. It also has amazing beach views, with crashing waves on black volcanic sand. And for those who want a little sense of excitement, Monterrico is on a part of Guatemala that has amazing lighting storms between November and April.

Bocas del Toro, Panama -- Where can you find a community of West Indians, Latinos, and Gringos? In the colorful town with clapboard houses -- Bocas, of course. It is a place to get stuck and linger. It has water taxis to sail you away to remote beaches, and the atmosphere is friendly. If you want to wander streets idly, this is the place to slow down and soak up the Caribbean sun.

Which beach sounds the most enticing to you?

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