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Mexican Recipes with a Vegan Twist

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Nowadays, many people are trying to shift to a healthy lifestyle through their diets.

For those wanting to convert their favorite Mexican recipes to healthier versions, below are some vegan twists:

Vegetarian Tacos

According to Delish, a healthier version of tacos is substituting ground beef with black beans.

It noted that vegans or vegetarians can also include other favourite beans, tomatoes, cilantro leaves, lettuce, tortillas. Vegetarians can also use shredded Monterey Jack cheese. 

Mexican Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Archana's Kitchen said this recipe is best for a potluck or a kid's party. It is filled with various healthy ingredients like spices, rice, vegetables and beans.

"It encompasses so many different textures typical of a burrito -- without the fuss of having to wrap it up in a tortilla," added the cooking website.

The ingredients, including coriander leaves, spicy beans, vegetables, oregano and corn salsa are all cooked in a pan.

Vegan quesadillas

It was noted on The Twisted Vegan website that this version will include ingredients like vegan mozzarella cheese, blended squash, vegan sour cream and agave, which will substitute for honey.


A separate Delish recipe said that one can turn a guacamole into an even healthier option by adding fresh fruit or nuts.

For the chili paste, onion, fresh cilantro and jalapeño should be used. Meanwhile, for the guacamole itself, avocados, diced plum tomato, fresh cilantro, white onion and salt could be used.

Vegetarian Enchilada

BHG said that to be able to make this recipe, one should prepare tofu, vegetable oil, mushrooms, cumin and chopped tomato.

"Drain tofu; cut into cubes. Stem and seed poblano; cut into strips. In a skillet heat 1 tablespoon oil over medium heat. Add tofu, pepper strips, mushrooms, cumin, and salt," said the food website.

It noted that this should be cooked for about 10 minutes. Tortillas should also be prepared separately.

Spicy Black Beans and Yellow Rice

According to Food Network, this recipe includes black beans, jalapeño peppers, bay leaf, turmeric, yellow rice and other seasonings.

Beans should be soaked overnight before being boiled and cooked along with ingredients like the pepper, garlic and bay leaf.

For the beans: in a large pot, soak beans overnight covered in water by 2 inches. Drain and set aside.

As for the rice, Food Network said it should be prepared in a heavy bottom pot and stirred well.

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