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5 Travel Tips to Party Like the Locals During Brazil's Carnival

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Brazil's Carnival is an annual festival that takes place 46 days before the Easter festival. The week-long celebration is one of revelry, music, colorful costumes and fun.

Calendar Labs says that a trip to Brazil is not complete without participating in the week-long festivities. While different cities in Brazil tend to have their own way of celebrating the festival, the one in Rio de Janeiro is the most famous. Thousands of festival goers go to the Sambodrome stadium in the city to dance to the beat of drums and music.

Want to visit Brazil and take part in the lively and colorful Carnival? Here are some travel tips to party like the locals do!

1. Score cheap seats at the Sambadrome.

Cheap seats can be scored at the Sambadrome. During this week-long event, festival goers are going to want to check the Sambadrome. It is advised to not purchase tickets ahead of time, as they can be expensive. Instead, show up at 6:00 PM and buy tickets from a scalper. Tickets should sell at 15 reais apiece.

2. Leave the jewelry at home.

When you want to go partying at Carnival, leave the expensive bling at home. Instead, go for more comfortable attire such as loose shirts and pants. Get into the spirit of things by scoring some sequins, feathers, face paint and you are good to go!

3. Score some energizing eats.

Matador Network suggests drinking acai na tigela com banana e granola from the local juice shop for that energizing lift after a hot day of partying. There are also other street dishes to try such as misto quentes (grilled ham and cheese) and pastel com queijo (fried pastry with cheese).

4. Grab a dance partner on the streets.

It is never fun to dance alone, so go and find a samba partner on the streets, as there is bound to be no shortage of one in a festival as lively as this one.

5. Enjoy the culture.

The spirit and joy of Carnival are having pure fun. Do not be afraid to embrace the culture of Brazil. When in Carnival, there is no time for somber moods. Enjoy the colorful costumes and colorful people. Dance to the beat of the drums. Remember, Carnival only comes once a year, so it is always best to enjoy it to the fullest!

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