Updated 10:21 AM EST, Fri, Feb 28, 2020

Amazon Sells White Author's Guide to Dating Latinas: Racist or Funny?

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The dating world can tend to be a very daunting place. So when author Joe Bovino, best-selling author and self-appointed expert on the dating world, penned a book on dating Latinas, the world was thrown into a debate.

In a report with The Vibe, the book has been published and is now selling on Amazon. As expected, the author came under fire for writing the book. The book is a no-hold barred guide to "dating Latinas."

Bovino is a three-time #1 best-selling author who has previously written three other self-help "guides" to dating Latinas, which includes the latest controversial hit: "Why Latinas Get the Guy," which goes on to describe in full detail why Latinas always manage to get the guy.

The latest book, titled "Chicaspotting: A Field Guide to Latinas of the United States," goes on to describe the different "species of chicas" in the market out there. Bovino goes on to describe his "libro" as a definitive guide to understanding the allure and mystery of the Latin-American beauty.

The book offers illustrations and includes some of the author's humor in describing the characteristics, behavioral tendencies, chica magnets, and even mating habits of the Latina beauties from 14 different subcultures.

As expected, Bovino received a lot of flack for his book for being "racist" and "sexist." For example, he goes on to describe the "Taco Belle," a Mexican American beauty. Bovino describes her as having "large or medium-sized breasts and a wide butt, which is flat at the top and round at the bottom."  Bovino also rates the Taco Belle's "promiscuity level" a six on a scale from one to 10.

While sarcastic and no-holds barred humor may be the norm nowadays, Bovino is already skating on thin ice as it is. He came under fire when The Flama called the book "demeaning," and was even calling on Amazon to ban the book.

Bovino even described "Nuyoricans," as Puerto Rican women from the Northeast. He went on to describe these chicas as having a "big, protruding butt," and even called them "uneducated and poor." He also said that Nuyoricans have a promiscuity rate of 9, and often have children out of wedlock, looking to "baby daddies for child support."

The book describes every Latina stereotype known to man. Many people outside of Latinos have also called the book "degrading" and "misogynistic." What is worse is that Bovino seems unapologetic for his work. He even went on to describe it in his disclaimer, warning that the book has a "certain brand of humor."

The Flama website has called on Amazon to ban the book from its shelves. The website is calling on a strong social media presence to help them in doing so.

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